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[24 Jun 2004|03:25am]

will everyone please join Kenshin__rpg (one more underscore in the middle) That will be the new community and this one will be deleted soon.

[24 Jun 2004|12:56am]

Katsura stood, forgetting the battousai momentarily. He'd rarely faced the shinsengumi, durring the revolution he'd spent a good bit of time running from them. Evil disillusioned pawns. Looking at their faces, he thought of his friends who had died by their hands. He gritted his teeth. He'd done his homework though. He was a few feet from them now, most civilians having gone back to drinking, sano and kenshin turning to watch him face the two. Small one was okita souji. How could a boy of his size have killed.. he stopped pondering. The big one, saito hajime. Self righteous beyound all nerve. "you having fun as a cop for the meiji government, now?" he asked, his voice broken a bit. "kind of a funny situation.." He was saying things to saitou he didn't have to say outloud. He'd get meaning enough from it. And the small one, with his ruined hair and clothes just slighty off, with the tall one glancing at him, worried? He smiled to okita. "You could have done better, but saitou, you found yourself a very pretty consort" his smile faded, he wasn't really amused. He grabbed his sword handle and began to asume a fighting position ,but felt kenshins hand grab his own.

[23 Jun 2004|08:25pm]

Okita wrapped his arms behind his back while they walked, enjoying the day and being out in the sun. Having Saitou beside him was a treat. More so than the Soba for lunch would be. He’d stopped fussing with his hair when Saitou slapped his hands away and teased him about being womanish. Well, he was getting a few raised eyebrows, but there wasn’t anyone pointing and laughing, so he let it be.
As they approached the Tukawasa inn, he could noise and peered through the streets curiously. “What do you think’s happening?” he asked, trying to get a look, and cursing his short stature and wishing people wouldn’t crowd around for a look, even if he was attempting to do the same.. “Can you see anything?” he asked, reaching up on his toes to see over a taller group of men.

He was a little surprised when they finally got close enough to see, that Kenshin and Sano were at the middle of it. Or rather Sano was, and Kenshin was hauling him out of whatever mess he’d gotten into.

He’d been about to shout out to them when he caught sight of Katsura. His slightly amused smile didn’t fade, but his eyes sharpened and narrowed just a little. "seems like this is a popular place for lunch." he said glancing at Saitou.

[24 Jun 2004|04:30pm]

Well this is just turning into a pain!! sano snorted, holding his fist up. So i guess you guys are all gonna feel some!! the men laughed and went for their swords, but kenshin stepped between them. Damnit now ken get the hell outa my way! he cried Kenshin laughed and grabbed his friend, dragging him off as the men all pointed and laughed, the pretty women from before, too.

Damnit now, hey! he said as kenshin pushed him into the street. I had them right where i wanted them!!! He noticed a stranger watching them harder than the other spectators, and kenshin seemed on edge as he glanced back at him.

Out in the street that brat okita and jerkoff saitou were approaching and he groaned. Jesus, not you two. Shit! cant i just talk to some ladies without my day going to hell??

[23 Jun 2004|12:48pm]

Kenshin was as childlike as he'd ever been. a reverse blade? so the rumors were true? He remembered the days of their last meetings, he thought of the brash young assasin in love, and the tragedy that ensued. Was this foolish 'badass' a friend? a love? he qirked his eyebrow, one never knew.

These men were certianly no match for himura, catching his eye sent chills down katusura's back.

The smell of blood.

the sound of wolves.

He turned to see two familiar faces. His mouth dropped a bit. So this rumor was true as well? the shinsen was still practicing? He felt rage remembering the things those men had done to his men, his friends, his cause.

[23 Jun 2004|02:38pm]

Saitou adored okita's tiny hands in his hair. "youre so vain like a woman" he commented, trying to make okita leave it alone. Maybe he wanted souji to look like his lover in public, with wild unkept hair. He finally slapped one of okita's hands away from it, telling him he looked foolish messing with it like so. "tukawasa inn is close", he said, catching up and walking side by side with okita into the city. As they walked, a few people glanced at okita's hair and saitou cluckled. Maybe it was rude of him to allow his shinsen brother to walk around with such a silly look, but he had a weird sense of humor, anyways. A rude one. He side glanced. besides, okita didn't look all that silly. His tail was just.. lopsided. Looking something like a fighter who had just finished a battle. The thought turned him on, and he stopped looking at souji, but onward at the inn. Voices got louder as they neared it, a fight? of all times ot be out of uniform, he groaned, dreading having to deal with this.

[23 Jun 2004|03:34pm]

“It gives me an advantage. How many times have I killed someone fooled by my smile or my look?” he asked, sliding his swords into his obi. Neither of them needed to answer the question. Okita knew never to trust smiles, and he knew Saitou knew that as well. A smile was the easiest way to disarm someone and they were used far too often to hide unpleasantness.

He waited for Saitou to retrieve his own sword before pushing aside the door and stepping out of his room, Saitou following. He kept feeling the back of his hair suspiciously with his free hand, although Saitou claimed it was fine, and that he had skills with dressing hair. The man had quirked a smile and
Well, it didn’t feel fine and he was apprehensive about going out and looking silly.

“Besides. It looks cute like this. And I’m vain.” He added, glancing back and still smiling. He didn’t add that he rather liked people’s fingers running through it and that as Saitou had pulled it up, fingers brushing against his neck and ears like they had, he would have much rather convinced him to stay in and skip soba altogether for more fulfilling activities. Saitou probably had no idea how much of a tease he could be, and Souji wasn't sure what he would think about that label being applied to him.

But Saitou was right, he did need to eat. He was sorely neglecting his body lately and it was no wonder he’d been dizzy this morning. He wasn’t at all surprised when Saitou suggested Soba, and he had chuckled.

“So. Since you’re the expert on Soba, where would you suggest going?” he asked. His hand had crept back and he was touching his hair self-consciously again while hoping it wouldn’t be a far walk, if only because he didn’t want to get dizzy or tired, and he could already feel it creeping back into him.

[23 Jun 2004|10:16am]

In town now, kenshin had started out looking for hiko, saitou and okita to talk about the evening before and apologize for not being a proper host, though uproar at the tukawasa inn left him speechless as he watch sanosuke tease three, four men much larger than he. The former battousai grabbed the handle of his sakabato and walked in, not yet drawing it. Sano looked relaxed in his chair, still ignoring them.

"perhaps I can help, that I can.." he offered. Sano looked at him scorfully. ya get on outa here now, I don't need your help! he yelled, finally standing to look at the group of men. From the corner of his eye, himura spotted a man watching him.

He glanced over and felt at a loss for words as katsura grinned from beneath his ricehat. He watched katsura's eyes fall over his sakabato, over kenshin. Sano was still yelling, and it sounded like background music droned out. The past hit kenshin hard, this is the man he had killed for. He felt sick to even touch a sword in this mans presense, and his hand fell away from it, as he turned back to the men. "I wish to see this resolved without force, that I do."

[23 Jun 2004|12:13pm]

Saitou glanced over through the side of his eyes at okita. "idiot.." he said in a serious manner, but his tone never stayed serious with okita, and he finally smiled it off. "maybe I'll put down my sword and start wearing makeup, get some tips from the girls at shimbara, ne?" He wiped his hair from his face and sat up, casting a glance down to souji who looked peacful and relaxed here with him. Hajime leaned over and played with the boys hair, twisting his fingers in the black silk. "and you, maybe some ribbons in your hair, eh? you keep it so boyish and long... why dont you cut it?". He bit his lip and fought the urge to lean over farther and kiss souji. There was time for that, and he really did need to eat.

He stood reluctantly and retied his own robes and adjusted himself, grabbing okita's wrist and pulling him up as well. He kissed his cheek and circled behind him, gathering all of souji's hair in his hands and tieing it up for him. "Tokio makes me do this for her so I'm fairly good at it, eh? only her hair isn't as pretty as yours, you should give my wife some tips on being a proper woman". He smiled. Who'd imagine saitousan tieing someones hair for them. When he was done though, it was strange and lopsised, but he fought a smile and promised okita it looked wonderful.

"you in the mood for soba and afternoon sake?"

[23 Jun 2004|07:32am]

“If you can be as charming and seductive as the women, I wont touch them.” Okita replied flippantly, grinning at Saitou from his parallel spot on the floor, before yawning and stretching, down to his toes, utterly relaxed and feeling slightly guilty because of it.

“I’m sure I should rest—I’ll be scolded later if I don’t-- but I’d rather go out and have lunch. It’s too boring to stay inside all the time, and even more boring to be in the dojo.”

“Ahhh… if only Tokio—or any woman really—could be satisfying enough. They’re pleasant at times, but too much work in bed... I like being the lazy one.” He murmured cheerfully, before glancing over at Saitou, bratty grin on his face.

“If only Saitou-san were prettier, like a woman, then I’d be luckiest of all…and maybe more jealous of Tokio.” he added, touch of dreamy longing slipping into his voice before he laughed to himself, wondering how much he could tease Saitou, and still get him to buy lunch.

[24 Jun 2004|04:50am]

Ages have passed. Why was he here? A ricefield hat casts shade onto his face, simple brown robes hang down. Katsura kogoro was back in kyoto. He'd spent many years trying to find his first battousai, following false leads. He was here now though, this was where kenshin was. He wouldn't disturb the dojo he'd be given directions to, just yet. He wasn't the young, hot blooded leader of the Choshu ishin shishi anymore. He'd abanadoned his namesake years before, and was now going on thirty, and happy. He'd always been a kind soul, despite his job, hadn't he?

He saw trouble in one of the local noodlebars and stopped to watch a foolish hearted boy with "badass" scribbled on the back of his shirt, fuel the flames of a fight. Katsura smiled, what a silly man. He seated himself in one of the outside boothes and wacthed, maybe with any luck he'd run into familiar faces before going to the the dojo. He wanted so badly to see kenshin.

His interest was also sparked at rumor of the shinsen militia still practicing in formation. Odd.

[24 Jun 2004|12:34am]

the sake splashed from sano's glass as he gave a cheers to a group of ladies he'ed met at the soba shop. All attractive giggling soft petal scented beautiful women. They had small saucers for their sake, his glass was tall and thick and he grinned.

He leaned back a bit in leisure and felt his back hit something, and his outstretched arm spilled sake behind him. he glanced back to see a group of angry men, theyd been walking by and were now covered in his sake. the ladies all got up and ran to the other side of the tavern, as voices lowered and everyone stopped to watch the scene. "yeah, whatdya wantt??" he asked, annoyed they'd run into his glass

[23 Jun 2004|11:10pm]

The lanterns held hajime's attention as he avoided looking at his lover for a moment. How he hated the sound of tokio's name. He smiled off his serious disposition and leaned over, tieing okita's loosened robe with a smile up at him. "you haven't eaten since last night, you need to keep your strength.." he said softly. There was blood on the side of okita's lip and hajime looked away again. "hai, maybe we'll go drinking tonight and take the battousai to shimbara, we'll tell him it's something else.." he laughed thinking about himura being surrounded by women, and a chibi version of kaoru waving her silly wooden sword at them. He grabbed okita's hands, "but I dont want you touching any women, eh?" he said, kissing his fingers. He had to imagine younger samurai of the shinsen militia watching first captain okita, watching him circle an opponent. Wanting his attention. He'd remembered too well fighting alongside okita, having to knock a few shinsen members out of the way just to save him, to come running to his aid when he probably didn't need it; there was a line for it. Another pause and he smiled. "And maybe I'd let you have tokio if I wouldn't be so jealous.. of her." He smiled and pinned okita's shoulders down for a moment with a devious smile. "you like that way more than men? ohhh soujiiii" he joked in a womans voice, sweet and soft. "what is the fun in a lover who cant match you?" He fell off of okita and onto the floow beside him, thinking for a moment.

"can I take you out for lunch or do you need to rest?" he asked.

[23 Jun 2004|09:50pm]

Kaoru wrapped her arms around herself and shivered. From the beach shore side she could feel such a cold wind blowing, something negative and leering. She'd wondered with sano, who had lost interest in lunch with her as he ran into some young woman. She rolled her eyes skyward but smiled, she had a dojo to attend to, anyways. Almost home, she ran into kenshin. He seemed upset, maybe determined to do something. She paused.


[22 Jun 2004|03:47pm]

“You can’t leave Tokio. She’s a good wife and she’s doing her job… “ Okita stared at Saitou a moment and fell back on the floor, staring at the ceiling, quiet for a moment, before closing his eyes with a soft sigh, wondering why Saitou always picked the worse times to become thoughtful. He wondered if the 3rd captain had ever angsted like that at Shimbara or on a night out drinking. But it was a valid concern. One he should have expected sooner really.

“I can share you with her Saitou-san… I always expected I would have to. As for me… I haven’t allowed myself to be close to anyone for some time. You don’t need to share me. Not with anyone.”

He gave Saitou a smile somewhere bordering between sad and hopeful. He’d been lonely for some time now, although he’d never admit it. Keeping everyone at a distance had been effective to hide his illness, but it had also left him rather alone. He was too proud to admit that it sometimes made him jealous to see old friends laughing together, or go out drinking without him. But he knew it would be worse to have people close to him to fuss or baby him when he began to cough. Saitou was willing to lie to himself as much as Souji was about it, which was the reason he had begun to allow him close to him.

"Whatever you decide to do with me... just practicing, or whatever else... don't disgrace Tokio like that Saitou-san... If you leave her, I'll make her marry me, just to make it up to her. And then you will have to share me."

He grinned and darted his eyes to see Saitou's reaction.

[23 Jun 2004|02:27pm]

Hajime stopped okita, grabbing his hands suddenly and kissing his lips softly. he felt too guilty, as though he were taking advantage of okita in some way. He also worried about tokio. "maybe, maybe I should leave her?" he asked, turning his back to okita and staring at the wall in front of him. he glanced back at okita who was sitting up now, and seemed confused. His black hair framing his face. "Is it fair of me to be jealous,thinking of you with anyone else? and.. I lay with a woman every night." He tended to think too much. He turned his body back around to souji and stared sadly. "you'll be mine? Only mine? And perhaps I'll be only yours?" Pause. Maybe saitou would kill for souji, and corupt the love. Maybe souji would die and nothing would come of them. hajime had no idea what the future might bring for them, and it scared him. He couldn't bear to think of tokio's hands running through his hair.

[23 Jun 2004|12:23pm]

few days prior were a blur to him.

He had not been himself.

He sat alone, pondering his past and his present. Was he now nothing more than a bumbling fool? Seeing Hiko and okita had been eye openings, so to say.

He'd been so rude, barely speaking to either. He'd remedy this. He was tired of being a childish lapdog of the kamiya dojo. He'd ignored the others so kaoru wouldn't feel sad to see him embrace his past.

Standing, his red hair brushing into his face, he decided to seek the others out, walking back.

lost wind from the mountains [22 Jun 2004|10:00am]
They say there's a time for everything.

A proper hour and minute for every event - seismic seconds that seem to drop to the point of no return. Enishi gathered his belongings - sword and poncho; then he wore his glasses as if he were a member of some futuristic band. The Kung-fu shoes he wore made little sound upon the the dried leaves that coated the pavement that led to his fortress. Though, this time he was moving away rather than returning.

It was a time for observation. Know thy enemy - though he felt as if Himura was already etched in the ivory of his bones.

"I'm coming,Battosai..."

[19 Jun 2004|09:36pm]

sano flashed a smile at kaoru and offered his arm, which she took with a giggle, and led the way back to town. we'll have some lunch, hows that? he asked. Wasnt even sure he wanted to see megumi after finding her in okita's room, what kinda girl was she! and kenshin, well, kenshin was mia, and he wondered of okita coming there had bothered him or gotten to him!? and that jerkoff cop, hed get his.

[19 Jun 2004|11:56am]

Okita closed his eyes at the attention Saitou was paying to his chest, quiet sounds of contentment bubbling from his throat. Saitou had become suddenly gentle with him, and although it had caught him by surprise, because of his earlier forcefulness, he wasn’t complaining. Quite the opposite really. If his smally happy sounds were indicative of anything, he was offering praise and encouragement as best he could though words had lost their effectiveness.

Soft kisses fluttered along his skin and his breath hitched a moment as sharp teeth nipped at his skin. He ran a hand through Saitou’s hair and smiled. He propped himself up on his elbows and ran a hand though his hair to brush it off his face, a little dazed by their intimacy.“So gentle suddenly... Saitou-san always surprises me.” He murmured, glancing down with half lidded eyes. Half of him had expected rejection when he'd slid onto Saitou's lap. Their earlier flirting under the cherrytree being nothing more than lonely drunkeness on both their parts. He'd been expecting an apology and that look that told him Saitou knew he was going to die and he shouldn't get close to anyone.

“If Saitou wants me to act wifeish, there are certain things I should do…to keep saitou-san from getting cranky” he said softly, looking at Saitou with an innocent smile that conveyed nothing innocent at all about his suggestion, before reaching for the ties of his Hakama.

(ooc: What's our rating? pg13? Do we have one? How smutty do you want to get? should anything further be put behind cut-texts?)

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